Custom Scapbook covers
Create your own special scrapbook cover
Custom Scrapbook Covers is in the business of providing a more personalized scrapbook for its customers.  You can select from our pre-designed cover to creating your own authentic, more meaningful cover.  The size of the books is 10"w x 10"h.  Your book can have a picture or illustration and title on the cover; title on binding and on back.
  For a 16 page custom scrapbook, with 8 acid-free sheets and protectors, and of course, your custom designed on front cover, is only $19.95, plus shipping ($5.00 total for 1 or more books).

$2.50 for text on binding
$2.50 for cover thumbnail on back

Creat a book for special occasions such as "My first year in kindergarten", "My Wedding Album", Angie's Photo Album" and so forth--let your imagination take charge.

It is as simple as emailing a photograph or illustration and text you would like on book cover.

PS: email us if you have questions or would like to see your cover before purchasing.

New website coming soon--same address and email
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